Animal Actors Resume

Feature Films & Television
Alita: Battle Angel James Cameron / 20th Century Fox Hero dog, attack dogs, cat, chickens, goats, parrots, snakes
Fear of the Walking Dead AMC "Skidmark" cat, rats, ravens, cows, goats, chickens, sheep
The Lost Husband Leslie Bibb Goats, chickens, rooster, dog, cat
Fixer Fixer Films Deer
Sub Zero Minder Wolf
Preacher Tommy Johns Ferrets
Conway Curve Conway Curve LLC Dogs
The Sinkhole Sinkhole Movie,LLC Dog
Crunch Time Ralph Smyth Entertainment Dogs
The Catch ABC Entertainment Dogs
Into the Great Forever Felix The Fox Movie, LLC Fox
Dusk til Dawn Trouble Maker Studio's Rats
Dawn til Dusk Trouble Maker Studio's Deer, dogs
Pale Blue Dog Paramount Pictures Dog
Hysteria Universal Television, LLC Dogs
Devine Access A Common Thread, Inc. Dog
Dusk Til Dawn Dusk Productions, LLC Deer
Babylon Babylon Gallery Productions Dog
American Crime ABC Studios Dog
BUG You Say Yes! Films, LLC Rats
Killer Women ABC Disney Studios dogs, longhorn, cattle
Machete Kills Machete Kills, LLC dogs
Joe Joe Ransom, LLC dogs
Sin City 2 SC2 productions, LLC dogs
As I Lay Dying Humble Productions horses, mules, cat
The Girl Fontera Films, Inc. wolves, dogs
Common Law Danni Productions dogs, raccoons
Flight of the Butterflies FOBC Productions, Inc. longhorn, lizard, armadillo
Hell Baby Darko Entertainment dog
Hours Hours Productions, LLC dog
The Girl Oaxaca Productions wolves, dog
Lay the Favorite M/H Productions dog, hamsters
Hide Hide productions dogs
Memphis Beat Danni Productions dogs
Vampires Suck Art Show Productions, LLC squirrels, cats, dogs
A Haunting in Georgia Haunting in Georgia Productions dog
Battleship Delta Productions sheep, dog, horses
Memphis Beat Delta Blues Productions dogs
Furry Vengeance FV Productions bear, raccoon, 100+ animals
Straw Dogs Straw Dogs Louisiana, LLC dog, cat
"W" Prescott Productions dogs
Leaves of grass Millennium dogs
Head of the Class Front of the Class Productions, LLC birds, rabbits, raccoon
Temple Grandin HBO pigs, dogs, ducks, squirrels
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Bar Doubt dogs
Bandslam Green Sea Productions, LLC dogs
Friday the 13th Crystal Lake Productions rats, raccoon, birds, ants, dogs
Tree of Life Cottonwood Pictures, LLC dogs
The Year One Garden Films 200 animals: from camels to lions
Fireflies In The Garden Senator Entertainment Fish
Pulse Pulse Productions, LLC dog
Major Movie Star Beautiful Productions dog
Prayer to the Bone Prayer to the bone, LLC dog
Snow Cone Stand   dog
Friday Night Lights   ferrets, dogs
Swing Vote   coyote
Kings of Appleton   cat, owl
In The Electric Mist Ithaca Pictures, Inc. raccoons, rabbits
Grind House Back To Back Pictures tarantulas, scorpions, dog, deer, turtle
Gary The Tennis Coach Forty love Films, Inc dogs, donkey, owl
The Safe Side LUX Films dog, ape, snake, tarantula, mouse
Stop Loss Paramount Pictures dogs
Elvis and Anabelle Burnt Orange Productions cat
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Rider Productions roaches, flies
Hitcher Rider Productions dog
Hi Bob Hi Bob, LLC chimpanzee
TEETH Hi Bob, LLC dog, crabs
Halletsville Break Through Pictures dog
Cave Man Comedy Burnt Orange Productions chimp, mouse, snake, rats
Fast Food Nation De-Tour Productions rats
How To Eat Fried Worms Eat Worms Productions crow, bird, turtle
All The Boys Love Many Lane   cow, rabbit, snake
On The Rocks Film Partners Armadillo
Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada   hawk, coyotes, wolves, dogs, ants
Idiocracy 20th Century Fox dogs, armadillos, goats, bugs
Drop Dead Sexy   tarantula
Room Cinapix Productions dogs
Secondhand Lions Newline Cinema pigs, rooster, giraffe, camel, gibbon ape, snake, chickens, fish
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Chainsaw Productions dog, pigs, chickens, rats, opossum, flies, roaches
The Arrangement Awazz Productions elephant
Spykids Sleeping Shark Productions macaws
Life of David Gale Sleeping Shark Productions dogs
Miscellaneous: Still, Print Work & Music Videos
Abercrombie & Fitch Little Bear Productions dog
Paul Mitchell Annie Lebowitz snakes
Ruehl Little Bear Productions dogs
Hollister Little Bear Productions dogs, gibbon ape
American Eagle 5 B Ranch dogs
Hunter Douglas Kooker Productions dogs
JC Penny's   dog
Texas Clean Air Sherry Mathews dog
Oz Fest MTV bats
Dickies Clothing   dogs
Microsoft B/M dog



Pixel 8 Fancy Content dog
TX DOT Animal, Inc. longhorns
HID Global Spotzen, Inc. dog
Home Away Homeaway, Inc. dog
Canada Dry Fueled Films, Inc. dog
Dell Lucky 21 LLC dog
Cosequin Nutromax dogs, cats
Chik-Fil-A McCann NY dogs
Floor Coverings Inter. Chipp Films dog
Merrick Doomesday Ent. dogs
Mutual of Omaha   kitten, frog
San Miquel Beer Bunker dog, pigeons, grasshoppers
Toyota Sanctuary parrot,armadillo, puppy
Lennox 1 & 4 Prod, Inc. dogs, cats, kitten, puppy
Food Lion Fiona dog
Home Depot   dog, cat, piglets
Texas Lottery   25 dashunds
Reliant Energy Humblw dog
Hills Science Diet   dogs, cats
Nutrommax/Cosequin Ron Foth Ad dogs
Forty Creek Whiskey Photo group dog
Great Clips   cat
Freshpet Picture farm dog
Dodge   cat
Act Kids   dog
Skoal Native dog
Frost Bank   dog
Chesapeak Energy Spoon Films horses, wagons
Safelight Auto Glass Ron Forth dogs
Precious Cargo 45 Proctions, LLC dog
3D Robotics 3D Robotics, LLC Baboons
Doritos WABI Productions, LLC Rodeo bulls, horses
Jimmy Kimmel Live 12:05 AM Productions, LLC Dog, chicken
Toyota Redtree Productions, Inc Squirrel
Rat Pack Storage Element Productions, Inc Cat
Dish Network Red Creek Productions, LLC Dog
Kraft Fueled Films, Inc. Dogs, chickens, rabbits
Weber Fuelded Films, Inc Dog
Brighthouse P2P Media Dog
Capitol One Homestead Creatives Dogs
Red Seal Elizabeth Nicole Inc. Dog
Doritos WABI Productions bucking bulls
Betlic Ambrize Productions dog
H-E-B Bunker dog, cat
Allstate Simple Truth dog
Castrol Still + Motion dog
Hills animal food FIONA cat
Google MJZ Inc. dog
Shirnoff Synthetic Pictures, LLC mule
Radio Shack P2P Media Group owl
Jill Greensberg Studios   dog
Castrol Johnathan Zizzo Photograpy dog
John Doughtry Realtors Elle dogs
HEB   dog/cat
Syngentia Fictitious Production’s dog
Babylon Babylon Gallery Productions dog
Doritos Media Mob owl
Lincoln Car Skunk Productions bull
Carolina Health Care Supply and Demand dogs
Miracle Whip Reset cat/dog
Sunlight Dishwashing Bulldog Film’s Inc. dog
Pepsi Hungry Man, Inc. dog
Crestor Fueled Films, Inc. dog
Kellogs Bulldog Productions, Inc dog
Lucchese Boots Mouth Watering Media, LLC dog
Capitol One Fueled Films dog
Kia Sorrento LX TV dog
Chobani Greek Yogurt Park Pictures dog
Safe auto Greatest Common Factory dog
Kellogg's Bulldog Productions dog
Sunlight Bulldog Productions dog
Toyota Fueled Films bear, dog
Lucchessi Boots Mouth Watering Media, LLC dog
Greek Yogurt Park Pictures donkeys
Heinz Fueled Films donkeys
Crestor Fueled Films dog
Bite This! With Nadia G B360 Media TV 4, Inc. geese
Macco The Pitch Agency dog
Royal Bank of London   dog
Totino's Curiosity Shop dog
AT&T Directorz Productions longhorn
HSBC bank Collective productions, LLC dog
Target Acquisition Video Game wolves
VCA Revalator Productions, LLC dogs, cats
Texas Lottery Stone Core Films elephant
Jimmy Johns Spot Filmworks, LTD monkey
Ford Non-fiction Unlimited dogs
H.E.B. Action Figure dogs
Spike Pilots Last Monkey Media dogs
Pinnacle Bank Action Figure horse
Velocity Credit Union Action Figure dogs
Texas Lottery Stone Core Film elephant
Texas Lottery Socket films cows, horses
Windtristy Lazlo Rain dog
Valero   dog
Cellular one   dog
Clariton   dog
Texas Lottery   cattle, bull, horses
Tractor Supply Chelsea Pictures dogs
Break Check JEH Productions dogs
Farm Credit Bank Wilson Brothers Productions dog
Invisible Fence   dog
American Eagle 5 B Ranch dogs
Texas Lottery Sugar Film Production cow
Army Sturchio Entertainment goats
Texas Propane & Gas Assoc. Beef & Pie Productions dog
TDOT Slymark Productions goat
PurePro Slymark Productions apes, dogs, parrots
Chevy Park Pictures dog
Tim Horton's Restaurants Code Films 40 roosters
Hasbro MPS Studios monkey
Reliant Energy luminart Productions Inc. dog
Nike Moxie Films armadillos
Chevy Park Pictures dog
TxDOT Public Domain dog
Lone Star Beer Beef and Pie Productions armadillo
5 Star Cleaners The PM Group dog
Houston Garden Center The Carson Group trainer, chimpanzee
Walmart Rockhouse Films dog
Armor All The Clorox Company dog
Eye Exam The PM Group dog
Chevy Park Pictures dog
Texas Clean Air Sherry Mathews armadillo, grasshopper, dog, ducks, frog
Tractor Supply Co. The Artists Company 31 dogs
Sabakawa Pillow Slymark Productions goose, puppies
Fannie Mae   dog
Cellular One Chelsea Pictures dog
Advil Valor Film Productions chickens
Applebee's Area 51 Films dog
Ozarka Free Market Films dog
National Geographic Sleeping Shark Pictures chicken
Wild Migration BBC raccoon